We research, strategize and advise investment on emerging technologies that matters to Financial Institutions


AI and Machine Learning

These days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made massive inroads into everyday computing and enhanced our ability to address complex challenges and resolve problems through the ability of machines to mimic human thinking and cognitive behavior such as understanding, recognizing, analyzing, and problem solving. And with exponential advances in computing capacity and speed, AI applications are becoming an integral part of our everyday businesses.

Banking Labs’ pathbreaking research on AI and Machine Learning offers novel solutions to the financial intelligence and creates value to the financial ecosystem – customer, partners and regulators.



Blockchain has revolutionized the way business transactions are carried out in a manner that can only be compared to another momentous technological advance: the advent of the Internet.

Be it money transfer or tracing and tracking inventory, business contracts or logistics, the potential of Blockchain to transform the companies conduct their businesses is unlimited.

With a wide network of partners, more than 20 industry-standard prototypes and technology-agnostic approach, we can help clients accelerate time to market to capture and capitalize on the value of Blockchain.


Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has transformed the way we work. But we knew it was coming long before. That’s why we started working on harnessing the power of quantum computing for a decade now, focusing on architecting solutions to use the explosive power and speed of quantum computers.


At Banking Labs, research and innovation is an everyday fact of life. We are currently researching on:

Nanoelectronics-based quantum information processing
Quantum cryptography
Quantum algorithms
Quantum information theory

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the buzzword today with most businesses wanting to embrace process automation and achieve accuracy, efficiency, and scalability. Many organizations are on their way to implementing RPA by investing in tools and pilot projects. The marketplace is offering a number of tools and companies want to capitalize on this opportunity to implement RPA and realize value and increased profitability.

At Banking Labs, we have developed a product-agnostic, managed service model that addresses issues in the business workflow and IT infrastructure, leveraging our technological expertise. This helps enterprises scale by accelerating the implementation of RPA and AI-based automation.