Digital Trinity

Digital Trinity

Digital Trinity is the Banking Labs’ trademarked AI product. It packages customer behavioral algorithms with applied machine learning models to leverage availability and volume of data in large financial institutions and provide Robotics Process Automation (RPA) capabilities with AI features including computer vision, image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), audio transcription, video annotation, and unstructured data labeling. Proof of product-based enterprise solutions have been in progress in the area of customer KYC and AML. New pilots are also in progress for payment modernization, call center process automation and risk management augmentation. This product differentiates from others in the AI and RPA features and machine learning capabilities, for example, easy integration with existing business domains in which such solutions are seeing good return on investment in AI, RPA, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Cloud Computing.



Compliance Intelligence with our machine learning models.
Model Intelligence with NLP to auto select model to provide the desired outcome
Improved productivity with our Digital and Robotic persona.
Next Best Action with our Banking Labs Segmentation and Clustering algorithms.
Microservices/ API based integration.


Digital and Robotic Automation for Improved productivity, compliance and customer experience
Predict Customer behaviour using our set of machine learning algorithms and NLP models.
Banking Labs Clustering and Segmentation algorithms helps to upsell/cross sell/ understand next best action.
Easy integration with internal and external systems
Provides on demand Compliance Intelligence for moving target Regulatory and compliance requirements
Increase the market footprint and thereby revenue growth

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