GEAR (Govern, Enable, Analyze and Report) is a legal data governance product. This product composes a suite of component products that customizable to varied legal data governance needs for Banking, ranging from contract analysis, document annotation, case processing, privacy protection and consent management and legal data quality control and metadata enrichment. GEAR is designed to be integrated into existing processes to accelerate regulatory reporting and compliance. Added AI capabilities such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics are customizable to take advantage of legal data stored in enterprise content management platforms, document databases, data lakes and hybrid clouds storages. The features are ranging from processing the legal data through the life cycle from raw data to quality data to reports and dashboard. The product offers services which are consumable via Microservices on Cloud. These services are wrapping AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms and models. The technology bases are from partners on Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition and Image Processing.



Governance is done with of NLP and text analytics to detect instances of aberrations
Enablement is Data Cleansing, Profiling and Labeling from the data quality perspective to enable data prevision and consumption via logical constructs
Analytics is to provide actionable insights from banks legal data.
Reporting is for data visualization/dashboard and reporting


Accelerated implementation with competitive differentiation
Improved accuracy and quality
Enhanced privacy protection and security control

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